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2.7 Integration period
Integration period Integration period Integration period Integration period Integration period Integration period Integration period

The time interval between implant placement and prosthetic procedures is called integration period. All modern implant systems have a six-week integration period in cases of the mandibular placement of dental implants and an eight-week integration period in cases of the maxillary placement of dental implants. These are the minimum integration periods (the patient is practically healthy, the surgery is performed without complications, there no complications during the postoperative period). The length of the integration period is largely dependent on implant type (surface structure), surgical procedure, bone structure, etc. In terms of integration period, you should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. In case of doubt, ensure a 100-day load-free healing period. Remember to prescribe Osteogenon.

If the patient wears a removable denture which covers the implant site, examine them every two or three weeks. The denture must not exert pressure on the implant site.
2.7-1 An X-ray image made six weeks after surgery. If there are no doubts that the integration is successful, you can insert healing abutments.

Once the integration period is over, verify the patient’s state and make X-ray images.

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